Refill your favourite personal care and home cleaning products, eliminating the need for new packaging every time. 

Refill your own containers is back!* 
*By curb side drop-off/ pickup appointment only.

Simply send your shopping list to and we'll contact you to arrange drop off & pickup/ delivery.

Please ensure the following guidelines are followed:
  • All containers are empty, clean & dry.
  • Containers are labelled with product to be refilled.
  • Place containers to be refilled inside a box, so that when refilled all containers sit upright.

All containers will be filled to the top unless requested otherwise.

New containers are also available for purchase.

(We are unable to ship refillery items at this time.)

Ingredients lists

Also available: dark roast coffee beans by Manic Pixie Dream Coffee.


foaming handsoap - citrus

eco + amour
dish soap (citrus)
dish soap (peppermint & cedarwood)
laundry soap (citrus)
hand soap (citrus)

eco + amour
body lotion

castile soap (unscented)

bath salts

Lines of Elan
body scrub (brown sugar & cinnamon)