Pay {It} Forward

We are pleased to work with mindful businesses who share our commitment to the well-being of people and the planet! A minimum of 5% of sales from ALL products purchased from {pocket}CHANGE support 4 local organizations.

Many of our co-operative & business partners create their own community building or earth friendly initiatives, making another layer of CHANGE. These businesses are dedicated to making the world a clean, safe place! Each one has found their own unique way to Pay {It} Forward:

Freeset products are organic and Fair Trade. More importantly, Freeset provides the opportunity of employment to women escaping the sex trade in Kolkata, India. Freeset's real business is freedom! See the Freeset story here

Freeset products available at {pocket}CHANGE




Fibres of Life works with artisans in Nepal, bringing felted bags, organizers, and pouches our way. They also donate 1% of their annual sales to help fight Child Labour. 

"We strive for colour, whimsy and intelligent design that people will WANT and will be moved to think about intentionality and to care – to think about where it came from, and their role as an ethical shopper."           Jenn Pullin, Founder

































To read more about Jennifer's adventurous start in Fair Trade, go here












Soul Jewelry uses 50% of their profits to fund education for girls in developing countries. "Every piece in the entire collection has been blessed at the local temple. Thus we pass on the blessings to you in the form of these beautiful pieces of soulful jewelry, each infused with sacred female energy from the hands of the women, through the hearts of the girls, to the moment it becomes yours."


ReCork recycles used cork and is beginning to produce their own products. We can't wait to have the 198 Yoga Block in our store soon!

{pocket}CHANGE accepts natural cork donations & sends them to ReCork. Bring yours to {pocket}CHANGE today!cork yoga block

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