A New Year


2017... What a year it will be! 

I hereby declare that {pocket}CHANGE will open this year! ;)

Although there have been set-backs and delays in timelines which pushed the store opening into 2017, I can say without hesitation that it's all been worth it. Every day and every decision has been an adventure. [Jeremy Houghton did his best to simplify the story of how {pocket}CHANGE began in this article, featured in Niagara News.]

I think the best part of setting up a retail location has been all the people I've met along the way. From my energetic, artistic neighbour, to my problem-solving contractor (J.J. Frame - who needs a website!!!), to all the creative, dedicated people behind the new products I'll be featuring - they've become part of my journey by sharing their insight, passion & determination with me.

Renovations at the store are progressing and it is exciting to see it all coming together. (I made the first "decorating" decision today by choosing the colour of stain for the hardwood floors - Yay!) Before we know it, renos will be done and I'll be screaming at the top of a mountain that {pocket}CHANGE is finally OPEN!

Well...maybe just announcing it on Facebook in ALL CAPS will do!
Looking forward to a year full of possibility!!!


pocket CHANGE

Thanks Cori! Happy New Year to you too! See you soon ;)


Can’t wait to step through those doors when they open.
Happy New Year!

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