"The List"

My life changed the day I walked into my Grade 10 French class. It was one semester. I remember nothing of what I was actually there to learn. (Je suis désolé Madame!) But it changed me forever.

It was in this seemingly uneventful place where I met one of my best friends - one of those life-long friends, with whom time can pass and your friendship simply strengthens. We were typical teenagers, doing typical [silly] teenage things. Life was anything but simple (teenagers don’t do simple), but we got through it all together.

She was (and still is) strong and determined. She wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and never admitted defeat. Everything was possible for her because she worked incredibly hard to make it happen. She taught me to never give up on your passions. And that to believe in yourself is the greatest power of all. (She sounds amazing... because she is.)

Fast forward to a few years ago. We were older and supposedly wiser. A big birthday was looming for both of us. One of those big, plump birthdays with a zero at the end. My friend challenged me to help her create a list of things we wanted to change about our lives - not because we were unhappy or bored or unfulfilled. Rather we realized that we needed to kick ourselves in the ‘you-know-where’ because we were happy, satisfied, and fulfilled, but we could be doing more. More with our time, resources, and loved ones. More with our talents, knowledge, and position in life. Just MORE!

So we sat down and made a long list.


The things on this list inspired a series of changes in my life. Some were grand, others not so much, but they’ve all contributed to where I find myself today. And the list continues to inspire me. Just as my friend continues to inspire me to become the person I strive to be. (Love ya! xo)

We only get better with age. (And the list!)heart


Melisa Parkins

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words Staci! :D I miss those little faces. Can’t wait to see you in January when the store opens!

Staci Ward-Hancock

You have accomplished many amazing things and there are a lot of little faces that would agree with me. My children think the world of you! You were clearly made to make a difference in our ever changing world. This is a fantastic project that you have taken on, I wish you the best of luck! We will definitely come visit your store soon!

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