Local Artisan Spotlight: ezpz pieces

ezpz pieces
Cleverly named after their initials, Erin and Pete Zeppetella are a wife and husband team celebrating their second year in business.

When Erin showed me her charming painted signs, I knew they would be a great addition to the shop. 
They share whimsical sentiment about life, offer advice, and add the final decorative touch to complete a room. 
Erin's witty sense of humor shines through in many of her favourite pieces, including the Live, Laugh, Poop sign.
"We all do this," she told me with a mischievous smile. 
She confessed to me that she has taken over what was once her husband's garage and turned it into a workshop full of paints, tools, wood, display walls for shows, and supplies."My husband is my power tool hero. He cuts all the wood and routers all the key holes."
It is now a space where they both spend time creating.


"We try to reuse as much as possible."

Whether it be through reclaiming wood, repurposing cupboards, handles, pulls or paints and even reusing bought wood, this team works to prevent useful materials from ending up in the landfill. 

Another reason I knew ezpz pieces would be a great partner was Erin's genuine commitment to her community. This past Christmas, she sold signs as a fundraiser for Red Roof Retreat. It was a huge success.

Giving back to our community is very important. I choose Red Roof Retreat because autism is in the family. My children have all worked with special needs children through out their own life, with it being through swimming or jiu jitsu. I also have driven school buses for special needs students. I think it so important to help raise funds for groups and organizations in our own communities especially ones that rely on donations."

 Erin's colourful signs can be custom ordered and she has recently made some for local businesses, including Box of Hugs, Yoga by Sara, and Boxer TUFF Pet Products. She is looking forward to collaborating with more local businesses, especially those that are pet related! A new venture for 2018 is Make & Take sign workshops, the first being held at {pocket}CHANGE!

I can't think of a better way to end this introduction, than with one of Erin's favourite sayings she adds to the end of emails, letters, or texts.

"It is never expected and always welcomed when one gets to the end of their letter. I love this because this is what my Bluey, (Grandfather) always added to the end of his letters to me."

…Happy Days  



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